Affiliated to CBSE Delhi, No.1530239
Pranaballav Public School
At/Po-Gohira, Via-Ghasipura, Dist-Keonjhar, Odisha
Mandatory Public Disclosure
Let's work hard for his dream.

The day the Pranaballv Charitable Trust is registered there winkled a beacon of new life, there inaugurated a pulpit for all round upliftment in the heavens along holy BAITARANI and the air breathed a sense of punctillo while keeping pace with the purl thereafter. The Trust, owing to its origin to a group of socially oriented human beings, is a glaring honour to an eminent personality with dynamic vision Sj Pranaballav Mallick. The Pranaballav public School is a part of the commitment of the Trust towards realization of the vision he entrusts.

Coming from a every rural sphere he has excelled in his promise to do something remarkable and praiseworthy.

As a visionaire he realizes that through education it is possible to create the spirit of brotherhood , self-realisation, humanity and patriotism ( a feeling to recognize the land one lives in, the forests one rooms over and the Rivers one dips into as one's own) As a far-sighted aesthet he always tries to achieve the goal. He has established numerous educational institutions by dint of hard work and sheer perseverance. He has worked in joint ventures for the sake of his vision. He never let go any opportunity to work for the noble cause.

He has nourished a dream to set up a public school ( from nursery to Class-X) and lo! To God's surprise his vision has flown to roam over the present working area.
The establishment of this School is the result of his inspiration and company. Let's vow, Let's work hard to fulfill his dream. Let's start an era of fraternity through education. There is in this world on purification like knowledge.

We salute our Nation as well as his vision.